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Latest results

Our teachers relish the challenge to help our students and continue to push the boundaries of what is considered possible. Working hand in hand with our students and their parents, we consistently help over students score excellent results in their SAT tests. Head over to the testimonials page to listen to what our previous clients have to say. Some of the past SAT results are listed in the table below and show improvement achieved by our clients.

NameDiagnostic resultsFinal results
Williams, Oon Ying15702140
Sara Ruaisawangbun16202180
Jonathan, Qi Yang, Lim16302080
NameDiagnostic resultsFinal results
Joseph Wong16302150
Meng Yuan17302070
Ah Young, Cho17802270
Qi Ting Hong21402360
Angelica Rubin Loe22102390

We have been able to consistently push our students who scored 1500s and 1600s to over 2000 because we understand the importance of what we do and are able to motivate our students to achieve results above and beyond their own expectations.

As can be seen from our track records, there is no shortage of great success story. In fact, we are so proud of our success that we are the only tuition center in Singapore that offers a comprehensive guarantee.

Preparatory guarantee: If after completion of the course, you feel that you still are not ready to take the test, repetition of the course is allowed at 50% discount.

Satisfaction guarantee: If, after an attendance of 90%, you still fail to see an improvement in your score of at least 200 points, you will be offered review classes at a 50% discount.

Money back guarantee: If, after an attendance of 90%, there is no improvement at all in your score, you may receive a full tuition refund.

Registration for individual lessons is open all year round. For group lessons, please call to check availability. Utilize our resources to give yourself one last push before the exams.