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Joseph Wong, Singapore Admitted to Princeton University, Cornell University, University of Chicago. SAT I -2150

I engaged them for an intensive one-to-one session when I only had two weeks to my SAT I exam. My diagnostic result was 1630. My tutor, Ms. Komal, was very understanding and put me through a very rigorous program. I did approximately 6-8 hours of classes and 4-6 hours of practice work every day with my tutor. We also went over real SAT past papers. The improvement was phenomenal. When my final SAT results came out I couldn’t believe my eyes. 2150/2400, an improvement of 520 points in just a little over 2 weeks of classes!

Student’s Inn had a very focused, structured and effective SAT course. The SAT teachers were professional and approachable. The thing that I really loved about them was that when I told them my goal after Diagnostic test, they didn’t even flinch. The teacher went over my paper and said you should work with a senior instructor, Komal. We sat down and sketched out a plan of action within the day. The tutor recommended that I take a break from school every other day to utilize my time better if I really wanted such a big improvement. My parents were supportive and agreed and I was able to achieve, even exceed, what I wanted. I would say that this was a major factor in my admission to several universities of my choice not only because of high SAT results but also because of the confidence boost it gave me. Thanks, Student’s Inn!

Francine Tan, Shanghai Admitted to University of Michigan, University of Notre Dame, Boston University. SAT I -1930

I came to Singapore during my summer holidays and found out about them through a friend. I visited several SAT centers but was most impressed by visiting them due to professional attitude of the staff and the willingness of senior instructors to get their hands dirty and work with the students.

Mathematics has always been a weakness and, at first, I was struggling to re-learn the concepts and knowledge only partially learned in school. My tutor was able to identify me in a group of 6 students within a class and designed a customized notes set for me which included a lot of basic material that most other students already knew such as fractions, significant figures, basic geometry and other fundamentals. I was invited to stay over after classes to clarify my doubts and do more practice work. A teacher was always at hand to help. The tutors even missed their breaks sometimes to help me!

Through the dedicated guidance of my SAT tutors, I was able to improve my overall SAT score by 380 points. This included an improvement of 240 points in my Mathematics from 380 to 620. I feel that if they can take a student like me who had given up all hope in Mathematics and help me score a respectable score, they definitely know what they are doing. The degree to which they bent over backwards to help me is just astonishing. Their course not only helped me score a great result but also increased my confidence in Mathematics forever. I feel that my IB score improved after passing through their program. I now ask all my acquaintances to do their SAT course through them even if it is costly to travel to Singapore and stay there. So far, my brother, two of his friends and one family friend have followed my recommendation and they have been equally impressed.

Cho Ah Young, Singapore Admitted to Rice University, New York University. SAT I -2040

My instructor was very effective because he took a personal interest in me. During classes he would go to each and every student and not only check the answers but also how we were doing it. Similarly, my English teacher also explained why each answer was correct and how I can always spot the correct one. Their 3-L system for identifying passage theme and author’s motivations is very easy to implement and extremely effective. I scored 800 in Maths, 610 in Critical Reading, and 630 in Writing. My test result improved by a total of 280 points. My only regret is that I didn’t find them before my first SAT attempt.

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