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About Us

Student’s Inn:

Student’s Inn has been a leader in SAT industry for several years now. We have the only SAT course in Singapore that consistently delivers results and is rated highly for customer satisfaction. Our comprehensive guarantee for our SAT students is unique in Singapore and not provided by any other SAT coaching place.

Head over to our latest results section to get an idea of our exceptional track record or visit the testimonials page to see what our satisfied and happy clients have to say!

Our comprehensive guarantee:

Quality assurance is extremely important for us. We strongly believe that we can improve your score regardless of your current status and time commitments as long as you go through the course and do your assigned work. To provide our students peace of mind, we offer a comprehensive guarantee. We are the only SAT Prep center in Singapore, to the best of our knowledge, to offer such a comprehensive and broad guarantee

Preparatory guarantee: If after completion of the course, you feel that you still are not ready to take the test, repetition of the course is allowed at 50% discount.

Satisfaction guarantee: If, after an attendance of 90%, you still fail to see an improvement in your score of at least 200 points, you will be offered review classes at a 50% discount.

Money back guarantee: If, after an attendance of 90%, there is no improvement at all in your score, you may receive a full tuition refund.

We are only able to offer such a comprehensive guarantee due to confidence in our ability to help you meet your goals. Hundreds of our alumni and our track records speak for themselves.

Instructor’s profiles:

All our SAT instructors work at Student’s Inn full time. This allows them to focus on the test without getting distracted with other jobs. This also ensures that they are available for consultation throughout the day rather than for few hours during the class only. Each instructor is carefully selected after a thorough evaluation process which includes consideration for their own score in SAT, college results, attitude, and teaching ability among other things. This ensures that only the best SAT instructors get selected who not only are capable in their subjects but also have a passion to teach and help the students.

Our SAT program is designed by two senior instructors.

Taimoor Ghazanfar

Taimoor has extensive experience of teaching and helping international school students get into universities of their choice. He personally had a perfect score in SAT I and SAT II and have been able to secure a perfect score six times in SAT I in past three years. He was accepted in Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, Le high, Williams College and several other top US universities.

Komal Khalid

Komal have been teaching SAT since she was in her late teens. She is the most knowledgeable instructor we have when it comes to common problems faced by students and typical questions in exam. She has attended numerous workshops conducted by College Board in US and is a certified SAT teacher trainer. She monitors and updates all our propriety test material. She had a personal perfect score in SAT I and SAT II. Over past three years, she have been able to secure a perfect score eight times in SAT I. She was accepted in Yale, Princeton, and several other top US & UK universities.

Registration for individual lessons is open all year round. For group lessons, please call to check availability. Utilize our resources to give yourself one last push before the exams.